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Dissolving Cleanser    $26.00

SKIN TYPE: Normal to Dry Skin.

WHAT IT IS: Make-up remover and cleanser.

WHAT IT DOES: + Dissolves at body temperature + Loosens make-up and other impurities for easy removal + Leaves invisible guard to trap moisture for dry skin to feel supple

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Using spatula, remove needed portion from jar. Apply with finger tips in an upward, outward motion. Remove with tepid water or sponge. If using as a primary cleanser (to remove make-up) follow with the appropriate Aesthe cleanser per skin type.


Cherry Pit Oil- Vitamin C and Anti-Oxidant properties

Squalane- An excellent moisturizer and lubricant. This is animal free (not from shark liver).

Sesame Seed Oil- Blocks up to 30 percent of the suns burning UV rays

Non-Comedogenic Petrolatum- Accelerates the recovery of the skin’s surface lipids

Bergamot Oil- Antiseptic and bacterial growth inhibitor.


May be used as an eye make-up and for general make-up remover (then follow with next Aesthe cleanser; a cleanser for extremely dry to normal skin.

Has excellent water trapping features for dry skin. Oily skin will feel a film that dry skin will not.

Available in back bar and retail sizes


Purifying Cleanser   $26.00

SKIN TYPE: Combination to oily skin type.
WHAT IT IS: A gel-like cleanser.
WHAT IT DOES: + Gently removes excess sebum and impurities + Botanical extracts such as Arnica will help boost the skin’s regenerative process + Improves blood circulation. + Helps heal problematic skin.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply cleanser with fingertips in an upward, outward motion. Remove with tepid water and sponge. Follow through with Aesthe pH Balancing Toner (or other Aesthe toner).


Arnica- Anti-septic, astringent, anti-inflammatory and healing.

Sorbitol- Absorbs moisture from the air to prevent dryness.

Elder Tree- Astringent, anti-septic, and emollient properties.

Sea Ware Extract – Includes important vitamin content (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B12, C, D, E & K).

Aloe concentrate- Has healing properties.


Useful for the removal of debris from skin which ultimately aids in new tissue growth. Leaves the skin feeling clean, fresh and healthy. Good for problem or inflamed skin. No alcohol, non-drying.


Sensitive Cleanser   $26.00

SKIN TYPE: Designed for sensitive, hypersensitive, and environmentally damaged skin types.

WHAT IT IS: A creamy, gentle cleanser.

WHAT IT DOES: + Gently cleanses while it calms, rehydrates, and conditions the skin. + Removes surface impurities, make-up, and excess oils. + Non-irritating to skin and does not excessively dry. + Should be used in a morning and evening cleansing routine.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply cleanser with fingertips in an upward and outward motion. Remove with tepid water and sponge or cloth. Follow with appropriate Aesthe toner.


Sodium PCA – Increases the water content of the top layers of the skin.

Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans – Increases hydration, elasticity and pliability of the skin.

Yarrow Flowers – Alleviates inflammation; has healing and calming properties.


This is a light, creamy cleanser for the removal of make-up and other impurities. Specifically blended to reduce TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) and capture moisture. Loosen impurities helps normal cellular turnover. Does not excessively dry or strip essential skin oils. Can help calm redness associated with sensitive skin.


Foaming Gel Cleanser   $30.00

SKIN TYPE: All Skin Types.

WHAT IT IS: Foaming, lather producing cleanser to replace those who can’t give up bar soap or just love the lather! Excellent for shaving too.

WHAT IT DOES: + Gently lifts and removes surface debris. + Non-irritating. + Non-excessively drying. + Leaves the skin feeling free of impurities, fresh, and smooth.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply with fingertips in an upward and outward motion being careful to motion away from eyes and mouth. Remove with tepid water and sponge or cloth. Follow with appropriate Aesthe toner.


Sorbitol – Absorbs moisture from the air to help prevent drying out skin.

Ascorbic Acid – (Vitamin C) Anti-Oxidant properties.

TEA Lauryl Sulfate – Popular, gentle emulsifying surfactant. More gentle than Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. The foaming action produced helps lift and separate impurities form the skin.

Citric Acid – Astringent (without excessive drying or stripping) and anti-oxidant properties.

NOTES: Gently lathers to cleanse. May be used as a body wash and in shaving. Aesthe Foaming Gel Cleanser is an excellent choice for those in need of transitioning from soap. In-spa, this is an excellent go-to cleanser for all skin types pre-treatment.


Physical Emulsion Milk   $40.00

SKIN TYPE: For All Skin.

WHAT IT IS: Physical Emulsion Milk Cleanser; Desincrustation Solution. Alkaline pH for galvanic current.

WHAT IT DOES: Blended bioflavonoids and botanical extract to control and cleanse skin.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply with fingertips in an upward and outward motion. Remove with tepid water and sponge or cloth. Follow with a second Aesthe cleanser or Aesthe toner per skin type.


Burdock Root – Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties with an ability to help regulate and normalize oil production.

Allantoin – Healing and soothing properties. Especially well suited for sensitive, irritated, and acne prone skin.

Watercress Extract – Reduces sebum production.

Safflower Oil – Hydrating.

Sage – Astringent, anti-bacterial, anti-septic properties.

Lemon – Astringent with toning properties.

NOTES: Oil management with micro-sponge effect, yet good for dry skin too. Good for acne. Milk cleansers; such as, Aesthe Physical Emulsion Milk cleanser, are popular for those traveling in high altitudes or dry environments. Professionals will find Physical Emulsion Milk helps remove excess wax residue from clients.