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Special Conditions

Anti Blemish Gel  $33.00

SKIN TYPE: Acne-prone and blemished skin.

WHAT IT IS: Pustule fighting disinfectant and encourages recovery.

WHAT IT DOES: + Reduces oil activity. + Keeps germs from thriving. + Guards against airborne bacteria. + Does not stain the skin, is clear in appearance.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Use a clean cotton swab each time and apply to blemishes.


Sulfur – Reduces oil activity and fights bacteria.
Witch Hazel – Astringent and has anti-inflammatory properties.
Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans – Provides essential moisturizing.
Ascorbic Acid – Helps with anti-oxidant properties.
NOTES: Recommended for acne skin conditions: helps keep pores clear of bacteria and stimulates natural healing. Will not over-dry.

Calming Gel  $24.00

SKIN TYPE: Dry, Normal and Combination skin types.

WHAT IT IS: Emollient topical Aloe Vera gel.

WHAT IT DOES: + Reduces redness and swelling. + Provides a protective cover over damaged skin. + Helps to keep out infection. + Feels cool and soothing to the skin.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply a thin layer to properly cleansed skin when needed for quick relief of painful or reddened skin. Use as a calming and hydrating masque for sensitized skin.


Whole Leaf Aloe Vera – Hydrating, softening, healing, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Sorbitol – Absorbs moisture from the air to prevent dryness.

Panthenol – Vitamin B5; a natural humectant with deep moisturizing ability.

Chamomile Extract – Antiseptic, cooling and healing properties.

NOTES: Helps to keep out infection while the body builds new skin. Cooling and healing properties. Excellent calming and hydrating masque following a chemical peel or microdermabrasion treatment to help reduce redness. Also used as a hair gel for a healthier head of hair and scalp.

Apres  $36.00

SKIN TYPE: All Skin Types.

WHAT IT IS: A natural earth mineral reflecting cream.

WHAT IT DOES: Helps to reflect harmful sun rays.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Following cleansing and toning, apply small amount to fingertips and apply to face and neck areas. May be used throughout the body. Avoid contact with eyes.


Titanium Dioxide – Strong mineral reflector.

NOTES: Après should be used following laser, peel, tattoo, and dermabrasion treatments to guard against photo damage. Titanium Dioxide works, in a European skin care way, to reflect as opposed to absorbing the sun’s rays.